Complete the form below with your voucher and choose from meals, groceries, cleaning, lawn mowing, counselling or health and wellness.

Helpful Love will then purchase a digital gift card from our redemption partner of your choice, and email it back to you between 2-5 business days.

If you have any questions, see our FAQs below, or you can email us at:


What's the best time to buy a Helpful Love gift voucher?

Helpful Love was started when a dear friend lost her little girl, and the family was inundated with thousands of dollars worth of flowers. Our founder wanted to do something that would actually help the family, instead of burden them with flowers to care for. By gifting Helpful Love, the recipient chooses the exact help they need, when they need it.

How do I buy a voucher?

It's easy! Just click here, complete the form, make your payment and your Helpful Love voucher will be emailed to you within minutes. You can then print it off and hand deliver a practical gift of help to your loved one, or simply email it to them, as a non-intrusive way to show them how much you care.


I was gifted a Helpful Love voucher. How do I use it?

You must be going through a difficult time. Someone cares for you very much, and we're here to support you too. Simply click here and complete the form with your voucher details and select the type of help you need. We will then purchase a digital gift card from the vendor of your choice, and email it to you within 2-4 business days.



What services can I choose from?

We are constantly expanding our list of partners. Currently, you can choose from groceries, cleaning, lawn mowing, fuel, counselling and health and wellness.


Do you sell physical gift cards? 

We certainly do! We have two options - you can buy an instant, digital e-card here. Alternatively, you can purchase a physical voucher here (it just costs a few dollars extra due to postage and handling costs).

What is the expiry date of my Helpful Love gift voucher?

Helpful Love gift vouchers never expire. We understand that when you're going through a tough time, you may receive a lot of help at first. But when this starts to drop off, you can use your voucher to call in some helping hands. Once you choose your preferred redemption partner, the terms and conditions of our partner's gift cards apply.

I'm a service provider and would love to be a Helpful Love partner. 

Awesome! If you service Australians nationally, please reach out to us -

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