If you have a received a Helpful Love voucher, you may be wondering what you can use if for.


You have come to the right place!


  We have a number of options for you including Cleaning (Jims), Lawn Care (Jims), meat direct from the farmer (Our Cow) wellness (endota), telephone counselling (Counselling for your peace of mind)).

Once you know which service you'd like, fill out our "Redeem voucher" form and we will send you an e-voucher to use directly with the company you've chosen.

Please note: You need to redeem your Helpful Love voucher directly with us through our website.

Our current partners are:






I was gifted a Helpful Love voucher. How do I use it?

You must be going through a difficult time. Someone cares for you very much, and we're here to support you too.


Browse our list of service providers above and choose which service you would like to use. Once you've selected, complete this form with your voucher details. This sends us a message to start the redemption process.


Once we have your message, we check the validity of your voucher, then purchase a digital gift card from the provider of your choice,


When we receive your service provider's voucher, we check that it is correct (for the right value etc), and then email it to you.


This whole process takes 3-4 business days from when you submit your message to us.


What is the expiry date of my Helpful Love gift voucher?

Helpful Love is in ramp down phase. All gift vouchers are valid until 30 June 2022.

What services can I choose from?

We are constantly expanding our list of partners. Currently, you can choose from groceries (Woolworths Groceries e-Gift Cards), cleaning (Jims Cleaning), lawn mowing (Jims Mowing), telephone counselling (Counselling for your Peace of Mind), and health and wellness (endota spas) and Ash Keepers and Keepsake Jewellery (Today, Tomorrow and Always).

Can I exchange my voucher for cash?

Sorry, but we don't exchange your voucher for cash under any circumstances. Your voucher has been purchased by someone who cares for you and they chose Helpful Love to give the gift of practical support.

If there are no providers of interest to you, feel free to reach out and let us know which services would be of interest. We can then do our best to source something suitable for you.

I'm a service provider and would love to be a Helpful Love partner. 

Awesome! If you service Australians nationally, please reach out to us -