Our journey came about as a result of a direct need; our founder, Kim Oakhill felt completely helpless when her best friend lost her beautiful little girl and a gift of flowers was simply not helpful enough.


Kim created a community of  domestic service providers who would accept the Helpful Love Gift Voucher, a thoughtful, practical gift, which could be gifted in lieu of flowers. A gift that actually provided some help and support during an unimaginable time to support grieving families and relieve some burdens of daily life.


Our vision is to shake up ‘the norm’; the default action of simply sending flowers, and to provoke practical, conscious thinking to actually support families.


Our movement grew from state to state, as we supported small, local businesses who signed up to accept the Helpful Love Gift Voucher to make a difference to their communities by providing a practical alternative to flowers.


Today, our vision is bigger than ever; to shift standard conditioning [to just send flowers] and to provide every community with a practical alternative to flowers to support every grieving family who needs our love and support during their darkest days. To do this, we have partnered with national corporations (who support small business through franchises) to make an even bigger impact, reach more people and make a difference to more lives.


For us, this means educating our communities on the truth behind excessive flower deliveries and the impacts this has on grieving families and our environment, increasing awareness of Helpful Love across Australia and eventually across the globe.


We want to lead positive change and make a difference by promoting practical gifting during tough times to genuinely support our loved ones as they navigate their new life impacted by loss.


When I feel helpless, I choose Helpful Love, the gift that actually helps during tough times.