Looking for a way for a way to buy a gift of Helpful Love as a group or community?

We can create a Collection Page for family and friends to contribute to, and we'll lovingly send a beautiful delivery of Gift Vouchers and a hand written card on your behalf.

The vouchers never expire!

Unlike other crowd funding pages like gofundme, Helpful Love does not take a cut of the funds from the family. 100% of the money collected is given to the family in the form of Helpful Love Gift Vouchers, as all administrative costs associated with running Helpful Love are paid by our lovely vendors.

To request a Collection Page, complete the form below and a private Collection Page with a unique link will be created for you to share with those wishing to contribute.


Please allow 24-48 hours for the page to be created by our tech team.


What's a Group Collection?

It's a virtual way to "pass the hat around". Many people can contribute, which generally means that more help can be provided for longer.

It is set up like a gofundme page, except Helpful Love does not take a commission and 100% of the funds collected are delivered to the family in the form of Helpful Love credit.

How do I contribute?

Once the organiser completes the form above, our tech team creates a private page for your collection. Friends and family can then click "Buy Help Now" and contribute any amount over $10.

What can you buy with a Helpful Love voucher?

Our current partners are Woolworths, Jims Group, endota spa and Counselling For Your Peace of Mind. We are continuing to look for new partners who fit with our mission to provide practical alternatives to flowers, so watch this space for new offerings.



What is the expiry date of my Helpful Love gift voucher?

Helpful Love gift vouchers never expire. We understand that when you're going through a tough time, you may receive a lot of help at first. But when this starts to drop off, you can use your voucher to call in some helping hands. Once you choose your preferred redemption partner, the terms and conditions of our partner's gift cards apply.

I've contributed to a Group Collection. When does the recipient receive the vouchers?

Once contributions start to slow, we contact the Organiser who set up the page to find out when they would like the collection page to be closed and the care package to be sent.

A full list of contributors is sent to the recipient, so they will know that you thoughtfully and generously contributed to the group gift of Helpful Love.

I have more questions.

No problem! Reach out to us here.