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Collection Page for Steff, Matt and Abi Bee

February 2021

Helpful Love is a practical alternative flowers that allows family and friends to band together to support loved ones during difficult times.

This page has been created for Steff, Matt and Abi Bee for family and friends to offer love and support in the form of practical, useful domestic support.


We will arrange for a care package with Helpful Love Gift Vouchers to be sent to the family to enable them to seek a helping hand over the coming weeks and months, whenever they need it. They can choose from groceries, lawn care, cleaning, counselling, wellness, massage and more.

It is a non-intrusive way to provide support, and the vouchers never expire.

A full list of names of all contributors will be provided to them, together with any messages of love and support that you would like to send.

Feel free to send a message for Steff, Matt and Abi Bee for inclusion in the care package to:

A full list of Frequently Asked Questions and Answers can be found here.

Sending all our love from the Helpful Love community xx

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