A practical alternative to flowers 

What is Helpful Love and How Does it Work?


    Helpful Love is gift that can be used for cleaning, groceries, lawn mowing, counselling, fuel and more.


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    Instead of sending flowers, you can send a care package with a Helpful Love voucher that can be used for any services offered by our national service partners.


    You can purchase an e-Gift Card for instant download here, or a physical care package for delivery here. A group collection page can also be set up here (like gofundme) for a whole community to throw the hat around.


    Your loved one browses our website and chooses the help they need from our website here.

    We are adding new partners all the time, and our Helpful Love vouchers never expire.


    Your loved one is cared for by the service provider of their choice - all thanks to you.

    Helpful Love is a long lasting, thoughtful gift of kindness. 

Have you received a gift of Helpful Love?

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